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Personal Insurance

Life Insurance

A title given to insurance that is paid as a lump sum in the event of premature physical death, or if you are diagnosed with less than 12 months to live. Typically this insurance is provided to replace lost income, clear debt, provide for children’s education and pay for a funeral and legal bills.

Trauma Recovery Insurance

This insurance provides a lump sum for a number of specific illnesses/injuries such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, heart attack, angioplasty, paralysis etc. This insurance is required because you are going to live with short term increased costs of living due to possibly requiring home help, home renovation or shifting, medical costs for treatments not covered by the health insurance, travel costs to access overseas treatment or family assistance etc.

Total and Permanent Disability Cover Insurance

Such insurance is paid as a lump sum if one suffers an extreme health event that causes permanent inability to return to work e.g. quadriplegia. This policy can be job specific so the inability refers to the specific job one was doing prior to the illness/injury e.g. a severe head injury causing permanent memory loss may be claimable by a senior manager, lawyer or accountant but not a manual labourer.

Income Protection Insurance

Such an insurance policy provides a monthly benefit if any health event, illnesses or injuries, cause you to be unable to work and earn an income. The purpose of this insurance is to keep the you and your family afloat financially with a continuity of income. Such a benefit is used to pay for a myriad of living costs; mortgage, rent, internet/mobile, power, car expenses, food, clothes etc.

Health Insurance

This insurance provides you and your family with immediacy of treatment if you have a health concern that is not acute or life threatening. It provides the peace of mind that you won’t be delayed on public health waiting lists.

Business Insurance for People

Debt Repayment Insurance

For small and medium sized businesses it is common for the shareholders to take out loans to provide capital for acquisition or initial working capital. With the incapacitation or premature death of a working shareholder the stress of continuing business with reduced assistance builds. A common practice is to initiate an insurance policy that provides the funds to clear this business debt.

Shareholder Value Protection Insurance

Such insurance provides shareholders with the finance to fund the shareholding agreements at times where a shareholder prematurely physically or commercially dies. Basically it means that additional bank or family loans are not required.

Key Person Insurance

Key people are important to the successful operation of the business. Their sudden incapacitation or death would impact severely on the ongoing profitability of the business. Insurance is used to provide a lump sum for the company to meet the costs associated with finding and funding a replacement and funding the lost revenue while the Key employee recuperates.

Employee Group Insurance

This term is given to any of the following insurance products: Life, Trauma, Total & Permanent Disability, Income Protection, Health. The primary purpose of group insurance is to ensure ‘automatic acceptance’. This term relates to having insurance implemented without having to undergo a health declaration and assessment. It means even if you have ongoing health problems, serious or temporary, you can get the insurance without any problems.


KiwiSaver Insurance

A great investment opportunity for any NZ resident, this is a name given to Managed Funds with specific withdrawal requirements. Basically all monies invested in KiwiSaver are locked until NZ Super age, currently 65. For anyone not enrolled in KiwiSaver they are missing a potential government contribution of $521 annually as well as employer contributions of at least 3% of their gross salary.

Employee Investment Scheme / Superannuation Insurance

An employee benefit scheme for those businesses wishing to provide pastoral care and gain loyalty through providing extra remuneration above the requirement of KiwiSaver. KiwiSaver remains compulsory though with a mix of both, businesses can provide remunerative incentives and increase loyalty and reduce staff turnover in a tightening labour market.

Personal Investment Insurance

This specific term refers to Managed Fund investments, the same concept as KiwiSaver investments, but not locked in until NZ Super age. Banks offer a useful store for immediate spending requirements, typically less than a year. For investments of longer than a year but not wanting to lock the investment until age 65, Managed funds provide a far better investment vehicle


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