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Product Information

Life Insurance

A Life Insurance policy is one which pays a lump sum to the policy owner upon the death of the insured party. Such a policy is designed to leave dependents of the insured in the same financial position as if the insured were still alive.

There are several methodologies for calculating such cover ranging from clearing debt through to indemnifying a salary for the length of a working life.

Income Protection

This is the most comprehensive personal insurance policy and it indemnifies up to 75% of a person’s income, should they be unable to work for whatever medical reason.

Trauma Recovery

Trauma Recovery (Critical Illness) Cover provides a lump sum payment upon the diagnosis of one of a number of specified illnesses or injuries. The number and nature of these illnesses depends on the insurance company.

This payment could be used to cover associated medical costs, to finance medical operations both in N.Z. and overseas, to cover loss of income while in recovery, to renovate the house or even take the family on holiday after recovery from the event.

Such a benefit is available to be included in a life insurance policy, or as a stand-alone benefit, payable in addition to the life insurance amount.

Total and Permanent Disability Cover

This provides a lump sum payment if the insured suffers ill health or injury and becomes permanently unable to work – commercial death. Such a benefit is available to be included in a life insurance policy, or as a stand-alone benefit, payable in addition to the life insurance amount.


Long term savings plans provide a wide range of investment options. Contributions can be stopped and started at any time, and money is readily accessible if needed.

Saving into approved Superannuation plans now also has potential tax advantages: salary sacrifice allows those in higher income brackets to direct a portion of their income directly into an approved Superannuation fund, which reduces the effective tax rate.

Business Superannuation

Such plans offer the ability to group a large number of employees' Superannuation funds under a single policy.

Business Insurance

The primary reason for business insurance is to provide immediate and relatively cheap finance to allow continuation of your business if serious illness or premature death should occur to a key person or major shareholder. The three main areas of concern are debt repayment, key person cover and succession planning; i.e. who will own and manage your business if premature death or total and permanent disablement occurs to one of the major shareholders? Can your business continue without its key person/rainmaker?

Health Insurance

This policy provides the insured with the option of choice in an environment where acute medical attention is guaranteed with the public health system, but elective operations or even immediate cancer treatment can be delayed. This insurance provides immediacy of treatment though there are several points of difference between the products of the insurance companies.


We are agents for a number of KiwiSaver providers including AMP, OneAnswer/ ANZ, Fisher Fund, and Grosvenor. We can provide advice on the pros and cons of joining, and appropriate fund choice.

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